PR-talk: what do you do when you are a great company but your industry has a bad media reputation?

Imagine you are doing a good job, but because of a scandal or society trend in your sector, the entire industry is swept up in a bath of bad publicity. Consider the energy sector, public outrage about expensive medication for a particular disease in pharma, or a hygiene problem in the food sector. So how can you stand out from the bad news?

1. Show that you are a credible and reliable expert, has already addressed the problem and the necessary measures in place.

2. Highlight your awards, recognitions, qualifications and case studies through your owned channels.

3. Invite a journalist to go behind the scenes to see firsthand the extensive processes of quality and safety in full transparency.

4. Create YT-videos with your expert employees explaining how you work.

5. Inform opinion leaders in the industry to debunk certain prejudices and falsehoods that are circulating through advocacy groups who may be able to send out a joint press release.

6. Get authentic testimonials on social media from consumers who have had a good experience and can validate your good work.

7. Inform trade press with opinion articles, press releases, or place advertorials on how you will tackle sector challenges for the future and what your long-term vision is. You can share media articles that come out of it on your social media and website.

8. Streamline your communications, marketing and sales to highlight what sets you apart from others.