PR-agency ABCommunication has a lot of experience in entertainment, lifestyle, food and tourism. Developing and maintaining priveleged and personal contacts with journalists is our key to success.

ABC News Checker

News value determines everything in PR. ABCommunication designed an online News Value Checker for marketing and PR managers at companies to self-assess the news value of your communication message. With this score, you know how much chance it has of being picked up by the media.

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In our digital era with bottom up communication and well-informed consumers, nobody believes advertising anymore.The power of word of mouth is clear: it is more effective and credible.


Journalists need a good story that is newsworthy, relevant and topical. Creative free publicity, that’s what we aim for. We are constantly seeking for themes, juicy PR stories and surprising point of views in order to inform the press in an original manner and to rouse their interest in the products or services of our clients.


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New PR Tactics

In these times, the market is constantly changing and so is your target audience. Is your PR approach still future proof? We’re moving toward more agile, customized PR. More conceptual. PR actions that directly engage the community such as experience events. We developed a success model based on news value and emotion. Where both come together, that’s where the magic happens.

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