Social Media

Social media management is all good and nice, but it becomes interesting only when you take it to marketing level. We create entertaining content, not just status updates. Yes, it sounds easy, but it’s time consuming and it requires special skills to post content that people want to read, interact with, and share. We can help you to build up a social network and increase engagement and followers. Building a community around brands is our cup of tea.

Small budget, big results

Different options are available as well as a tailor made package, created especially for and with you.

Social Media management can be combined with a PR plan. The synergy between PR and Social Media makes a powerful and effective boost.

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Who is your audience?

A good understanding of who your audience is, is the first step to maximise the impact of your social media communication. Deliver your message when your consumer wants to hear it and is the most open to it. Target the right audience, at the right time.

An all-in approach ensures a bigger impact: get more from your social media and work with appropriate media, influencers and ambassadors. We can help you to find them!

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What story do I want to tell?

We can offer you a Content Plan tailored to your needs:
• Posts suggestions
• Advice on the publication time
• Complete content plan (on a weekly, monthly, quarterly basis)

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Monitoring & Analytics

Regular reportings will help you plan the future campaigns – Our dedicated team can give you insights:
• Brand reputation
• Maximising your exposure on social media
• What worked in the previous campaigns, what didn’t…
• … and suggestions of changes to improve the results
• Social Media costs optimisation

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