Influencer Marketing

Connecting your brand with the most influential content creators in Belgium

Social influencers are the new stars!

How to talk about your brand in an authentic way? We bring brands and influencers together. We understand their code and the needs of their community. ABCommunication has been collaborating for several years with influentials like vloggers, bloggers, Instagram stars, celebs, opinion leaders and experts, building a multi-faceted talents database in the process. Our vloggers and Instagram influencers are mature and authentic. They make content for the brands they love. We are specialised in identifying the influencers who are emerging while taking care of our relationships with the household names.

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Our approach

We focus on content driven influencer campaigns. Tailor made and entertaining.

Instagram marketing is an effective and cheap way to grow your business. The customer is introduced to your brand from a trusted source in an authentic way on a very popular platform. Try a mix of micro and macro Instagram influencers to promote your brand. We can help you to find the right Belgian Instagram stars.

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How does it work?

  • Briefing
  • We select an influencer who reflects your look, feel and core values
  • We elaborate an entertaining concept
  • Influencers are creating content for your brand: social media posts, Instagram stories, product reviews, Youtube-videos, stunts, webseries, pranks, competitions, storytelling brand/product, interviews, …
  • Feedback

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The average ROI of influencer campaigns is much higher than traditional advertising!
Just try it and get started here. Some examples of what we can do for you.

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