PR-Trends of 2022

Since PR is constantly evolving, it’s important to stay on top of new trends. We have listed some of the most important 2022 PR advices and trends that will definitely generate amazing results. 

Succesfull PR will have to be part of a larger marketing ecosystem 

It is a proven fact that PR has always worked best when included in a broader marketing strategy. In 2022 this will be even more essential. The PESO model of Owned, Paid, Shared and Earned media needs to be better aligned. In many companies, there are still pillars between paid, owned, earned.

Amplification will be the keyword in this new year. Why? If we don’t amplify PR, we will be leaving a lot on the table in terms of potential results. 

Authenticity more than ever 

Ever since social media allowed consumers to engage directly with the brands they buy, authenticity has been the name of the game. Readers or the general public will be more attentive to any insincere speech. For this, PR is very suitable because this marketing tool is based on credible and honest messages.

2022 will be about reflecting on your own brand voice. Are we communicating authentically about what we stand for? Is it clear to anyone who inquires about it?

Communicate less but better

In the daily bidding of news and social media posts, the tendency is for companies to distribute lots of content to grab attention. In 2022, we must resolutely opt for PR campaigns and influencer communications that add value and pass the test of newsworthy messages: a strong story, topical, of interest to the general public, locally relevant and inspiring.

Diversity and inclusion matter

After this year of social and political upheaval, it’s important to address topics around diversity and inclusion in your business. To retain loyal customers and attract new ones, we need to ensure a more robust diversity and inclusion statement than we have in the past. Any attempt to use these policies as a PR tool will backfire.

Influencer marketing is becoming more beneficial 

Influencer marketing is a growing strategy. However, using it to its full potential will be beneficial for brands because reputation and recommendations matter even more in B2B than in B2C. 

Partnering with an influencer that matches your brand can increase the impact of your PR actions. 

  • You benefit from both PR and marketing advantages thanks to this partnership: you attract new potential customers. 
  • Social proof of a brand is important in the buying process. This partnership will further strengthen this aspect.

PR professionals will work more on a customized basis

Media today are organised cross-media. Journalists who write for the site have different needs than those who write for print, video or social media.

Each message will need to be customised. With that, the traditional press release “one fits all” will definitely disappear and be replaced by short news releases per press target group and 1-1 pitches from stories to journalists.