PR-talk: what is newsworthy?

There are several elements that make a story newsworthy:

1. Scale: does it appeal to a wide audience or a limited number of people? How many people will it affect? 

2. Discussion: controversy with pros and cons is an ingredient for an interesting story

3. Proximity: people prefer to read stories from their neighbourhood or relevant to their environment

4. Timing: is it happening now or about to happen fairly soon? Everything else is old news or premature.

5. Topicality: a new and groundbreaking fact attracts attention, a scoop for sure. You can also make the story more newsworthy by linking it to a particular event.

6. Human interest: a personal story, situations that touch people or are close to their hearts: everyone wants to read

7. Tapping into trends: the media are interested in change, initiatives that determine the future or remarkable evolutions. You can use market research data here.

8. Famous people: If a prominent person says something about your organisation, or better how you help people or society with your mission, that is a plus. Same if you have a link with a major event.

9. New twists: if a lot is currently being written about a topic, there is an opportunity in adding your approach, figures or vision. If you add something extra valuable to a debate, there might be a new article in it.

10. Stranger things: a different or quirky angle could potentially make your story more newsworthy.

Check the news value of your story using our test tool: